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Valley Roots (2nd-6th)

Valley Roots is our foundational program to introduce volleyball. We believe that athletes should be exposed to the sport in 2nd-6th grade. We will offer a variety of programs at this level throughout the year. There will be programs that last anywhere from a weekend, a week, or even a few weeks. We strive to create many opportunities throughout the year for kids in our community to play the game. It is all about the FUNdamentals in this program! There will be teaching, live game play, and fun activities designed to teach motor programing, visual cues, and teamwork.

Valley Roots League (2nd-6th)

This new and exciting program for both boys and girls is an introduction to volleyball. No experience required for this fun, highly-active, and informative program! We believe early exposure to the sport of volleyball is one of the primary factors in long-term success. This program seeks to expose young athletes to all the skills of the game and how to play. The ball is lighter, the net is lower, the court is smaller - making the game accessible to all!

Skill development will be the focus for the first two weeks, then we will transition to teams and tournament style play to finish out the 5 week session. 5 weeks, 1x per week for each age group (boys and girls). If you’re a parent and interested in learning to coach volleyball, we would love to get you involved on the courts and can provide a discount for your child in the program.

Winter sessions coming soon.