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Valley Juniors (5th-8th)

Valley Juniors are our 5th-8th graders who could be new to the sport, on a travel team, or just looking to play a little more volleyball outside of school. This is where we are aiming to play more often locally. There will always be a time of instruction and coaching to work on the fundamentals of the sport along with lots of opportunities to compete and put your skills into action!

This program combines higher-level skills for those who have attended the Valley Roots program or are ready for a more advanced level of play. Whether you are older and newer to volleyball or younger and looking for a high level, we will make sure you are placed with the appropriate group. Coaches of these programs will continue to emphasize our clubs core values of humble hard-work, friendship, courage and growth. They will teach the game and provide everyone equal opportunities to play the game in a competitive environment.

Club Prep Series (5th-8th grade):

The Club Prep Series is for 5th-8th grade players with previous experience who are seeking ways to play more. Training sessions are highly recommended as a way to prepare for club tryouts. These sessions will teach fundamental skills, give maximum opportunities for repetitions, all while having fun playing the game! This introduction to club volleyball is the perfect opportunity to see if your child is interested in the full commitment of being on a club volleyball team.