Roughly 6% of all high school volleyball players will play at the collegiate level (NCAA High School to College study here). Many girls dream of reaching that level and it is our mission to equip our athletes by teaching them the game to improve as much as possible so they can not only get to that level, but thrive once there.

In addition, the process can be stressful and intimidating. Thus, we have brought on Shasta Millhollin to educate, empower, and assist in the recruiting process with our athletes, families, and the colleges. Shasta has been the recruiting coordinator at multiple clubs across the country and coached at the collegiate level for many years, including the current Head Coach at Fresno Pacific. She is an experienced recruiter with a passion for helping young athletes achieve their dreams.

We believe at VVA that everyone has a role in the recruiting process, and it’s important to know what your role is. The athletes are first and foremost responsible to be proactive in their recruiting process. Our recruiting coordinator and our coaches are here to advise, speak the truth, and educate everyone on the process. Additionally, they can be a great reference to connect with college coaches to speak on your behalf or to make introductions and recommendations. They are your network. Parents, your role is to support your children! Take film at games, upload it to Hudl and then have your child make the highlight video. Encourage them to look up colleges online. Answer their questions about your college experience. Help them understand your family’s financial situation so they can understand what type of college experience to be looking for. There is so much information you can provide to them as they make what is likely one of their first major life decisions.

With NCAA rules constantly changing, our recruiting coordinator will be able to answer any questions you have about the process and availability of playing volleyball in college. It is our goal to find the right fit for each player in our club who is interested in playing volleyball at the next level. There are thousands of opportunities out there, which require the athletes to get a sense of what they want from their college experience.

Education, understanding of film, and watching college volleyball are the priorities for the athletes who are 15 or under. College recruiting is no longer happening in any significant way at this age. The 16 and over teams are mainly when the recruiting begins to take shape, all the way through the athletes senior year of high school. Our recruiting coordinator is here to meet with the individual families and athletes who are actively in that recruiting process.

If you are ready to begin the college recruiting process please make sure to check out the guidance for athletes page and set up a time to meet with Shasta.

*** ATTENTION COLLEGE COACHES:  Please reach out to our Recruiting Coordinator, Shasta Millhollin, or the club coach with any questions about players. See roster page for details about players. University Athlete and Shasta will have the contact information.

All general mail can go to this address:
1099 E Champlain Drive, Suite A #197, Fresno, CA 93720


Key Resources for athletes and parents: