One of our commitments is to increase the quantity of volleyball players in the Central Valley, starting in 2nd grade. We know that with early exposure to the sport people can both develop a life-long habit of healthy exercise and potentially develop a passion for the sport to eventually find success in it.

Continuing with the Aspen Institute’s Project Play, our various programs aim to create athletes for life at all ages. These programs will be for boys and girls from K-12th grade. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to be a part of athletics where we learn about healthy living, teamwork, trust, communication, and many other critical life long values.

Aspen Institute

Our programs focus on player enjoyment, game-like environments, non-position specific training, small group play, consistent physical activity, and maximizing touches on the ball. See this article from USA Volleyball development guru, John Kessel (USAV Long Term Player Development). Kessel discusses these science and experience based facts to start young, delay specialization, play many sports, and play co-ed. All these things we aim to do throughout our youth programming, then will continue in different ways throughout the travel teams advance in their development.

We have three programs to serve the needs of our community throughout the year:

Camps & Clinics

Valley Roots

Valley Juniors