Our Vision

To be the premier volleyball club in the Central Valley and one of the best in California.

While unifying the coaches, athletes, and families, we will create a positive environment for the young athletes to achieve their peak performance on and off the volleyball court. Whether you are from a big city or a small town, or anywhere in between in the San Joaquin Valley, we strive to be able to provide an opportunity for you to become your best and represent the whole Valley.

Through our collaboration with the finest coaches in the Valley, the athletes will be learning the same fundamental skills taught at the top NCAA Division One programs and the USA National team. These fundamental skills are founded upon science and extensive experience of what the best athletes do. We invest money and resources into educating and empowering the coaches of the Valley to learn the latest in volleyball teaching and quality coaching strategies. According to the FIFA global report on talent development, “Key for the production of young talent are the people in charge of player development - none more so than the coaches.” If we can equip the coaches to be at their best, then we can equip the athletes to become their best.

We have a holistic long-term approach to athlete development. Working to cut down on overuse injuries by teaching proper mechanics at a young age, supporting multi-sport athlete development, and being guided by US Olympic and Paralympic coaching principles. In this new era of volleyball in the Valley, our process is guided by four stages: early exposure to the sport, all-skills training, learning how to train, and learning how to win.

Aspen Institute

“A new sports model allows for maximum inclusion, provides opportunity for people of all skill and capability levels, and creates individuals who are active for life.” (Courtesy of Aspen Institute Project Play)

At VVA we are looking to redefine the youth sports model of volleyball in our area by adapting the Aspen Institute model in our community. To learn more about the current state of sport in our country and the opportunities to solve it, visit their site at Project Play.

Additionally, taking the lessons of soccer development in our country from the FIFA Global Report on Talent Development we have built a structure to foster a healthy high-performing volleyball culture. According to the report, the way to build a successful community of athletes in the sport is that “it all starts with having a large number of players at the youth level. The best talents should train and play with and against the best players in the best environment.” Through our programming of Valley Roots, Valley Juniors and camps we will be able to provide the recreational opportunities to learn the game while allowing athletes to explore other sports, as well. As they grow to love the game and learn the skills, the athletes can then transition in our programs to the younger club teams with multiple levels of competitiveness and commitment - finding a space that is right for them at this point in their athletic career. Lastly, with the competitive national teams we have learned from the FIFA study that the athletes need to “progress to a situation in which the best can play with and against the best.”

In addition to developing the right environment to teach the game, it is equally important to us to teach character. Excellence and sound character must be intertwined for success. Our athletes will develop self-confidence, hard-work, determination, and more in an environment that challenges them to grow and supports them along the way. We are a place where kids can explore their potential and pursue their best. Student-athletes thrive in environments where they are allowed to exercise their freedom of expression and thought.

Finally, for the parents. As people that have grown up in the community, have kids in the community, and kids that have grown up through the community we know what needs to change. Plus, we want your feedback to do things right! We want you to know what you are signing up for. We know it’s a significant cost to play club volleyball in terms of time, money, emotional support and more. We strive to make the experience clear, straight-forward, and honest. Just as we seek and demand our best for our children through school, we have the same standards for their athletic endeavors. Being a part of a team and playing sports is one of the best ways to teach life which is a tremendous support for their academic endeavors.