Guidance for Athletes

Here are some tips and rules to help you out!

Key Resources for athletes and parents:

Important Recruiting Rules

Sophomore Year: until June 15th of your Incoming Junior Year

Coaches are permitted to:

  • Send you athletic or sports camp brochures, NCAA Educational Information and Questionnaires. 

Coaches are not allowed to:

  • Accept phone calls or emails from prospective student-athletes - remember that if you leave a message on an answering service or send an email the coach is NOT ALLOWED TO CALL or Email YOU BACK.
  • There can be no communication between a potential student athlete and coaches/athletic staff before June 15th of the conclusion of your Sophomore year.
  • Coaches cannot call you on the phone or send you any written recruiting information.  They can, however, send you an athletics questionnaire.
  • Coaches cannot talk with you or your parents at an event.

Athletes are permitted to:

  • Go to a College Camp – But there can be no communication about recruiting, or offers Until After June 15th (Preceding your Junior Year). NO Recruiting Conversations are allowed!!!
  • Go on a college visit through their admissions office. You cannot have any interaction with coaches during the visit.

Junior Year: from June 15th

  • College coaches are allowed to send you information about their athletic program and about their school. This can include: media guides, schedule cards, personalized letters, photocopies of newspaper clippings and official university admissions and academic publications.
  • The college coach is now allowed to answer your emails and send emails to you, as well.
  • Coaches Can Now Text and Call you, and you can call Division 1 Coaches.

Junior year: (From August 1st) Through Senior Year

  • Athletes can make unofficial (when you pay all expenses) visits to a college campus.
  • Official visits (one per school) are paid for by the college. An athlete is allowed a maximum of five visits to Division 1 Colleges. 

Official Visits

  • You can make up to five official (expense paid visits to college campuses). The visit to the campus cannot be longer than forty-eight hours in duration. You are not allowed to have an official visit until after August 1st of your Junior Year. You can take five over the course of your junior and senior year combined.
  • It is also permissible for you to receive a maximum of three complimentary tickets to a college sporting event.
  • To make an official visit you need to provide a copy of your transcript and Test Scores to determine eligibility.


  • If you’re at a tournament and the coach does not talk to you, don't take it personally. The NCAA has specific recruiting rules that put limits on communication at tournaments. A college coach can sit down with a coach at a competition site, but not with potential student athletes or Parents/Guardians.
  • College coaches cannot have any personal contact with student-athletes during tournaments. As stated above, a simple hello is fine but anything more is not allowed. This is why they may not seem very engaging if you approach them.
  • Rules have been relaxed recently in the NCAA to allow conversations after tournaments when the players are fully released from their duties and meet specific age requirements for those conversations. If a college coach asks you or your family to meet after a tournament, please discuss it with Shasta before arranging it with the University.

Email Communication

  • Coaches want to coach players who want to play for them, just like you want to play for a coach who really wants to coach you.
  • Add in some specific details about their program or school (why you like that school, why you like the program, congrats on a big win they had this year and/or any success the team had), that's great. There are thousands of girls out there, so do what you can to make it not seem like a form letter you're sending to 300 schools. Tell them why you emailed them, and show a little bit of your personality -- those things will help you stand out!


Subject Line: 2021 OH 6’ Jessica Smith

Hi Coach _____________________,

My name is Jessica Smith and I am a 2021 outside hitter. I play for Valley Volleyball Academy in Fresno, CA. I am interested in _______ University because of your great volleyball program and strong environmental science program.

My club team, VVA 17 National, will be playing in the California Kickoff this weekend in San Jose, CA. I would love for you to come watch us play. I am jersey #11 and I primarily play OH, but sometimes I play OPPO if that’s what our team needs. Below is our playing schedule for Saturday 1/18.

8am Court 1
10am Court 1
11am Court 1
1pm Court 1

Please feel free to contact my coach _______l to get more information about me as a player and person, her contact info is below.

Here are some links to highlights from this season.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Thank You,

Jessica Smith
Valley Volleyball Academy
17 National
OH/OPP Class of 2021
Jersey #11
Club Coach: __________, Phone #, email
Recruiting Coordinator: ___________, Phone #, Email


Subject Line: Jessica Smith 6’0” OH 2021 California Kickoff Highlights

Hi Coach _____________________,

Thank you for coming to watch me and my team play this past weekend in San Jose, CA. We had a great weekend competing, and we are excited to continue to practice between now and the Northern Lights Qualifier in Minneapolis, MN 1/31-2/2.

Below is a link to some highlight film from Long Beach. Please feel free to contact my club coach, __________ at ____________ for more info about me as a person and player.

Link 1 CA Kickoff San Jose, CA January 18-19

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thank You,

Jessica Smith
Valley Volleyball Academy
17 National
OH/OPP Class of 2021
Jersey #11
Club Coach: __________, Phone #, email
Recruiting Coordinator: ___________, Phone #, Email