Camps and Clinics

Camps and Clinics will be constantly adjusted and updated based upon the needs of the community. There will be offerings for 2nd-12th grade boys and girls throughout the year. Additionally, we offer private lessons and small group lessons for an individualized approach. Continue to check out our website for the upcoming camps, clinics, and lessons!

Roots Summer Academy

July 7th-9th, 2022

Roots Summer Academy is an opportunity for 2nd-6th grade boys and girls beginners to learn basic skills and receive a great introduction to volleyball. We generally would not recommend this for any players currently on VVA teams - all are capable to play with the 13s age group for skill training this summer.


  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Attacking

Summer Skills Academy

July 7th-9th, 2022

Summer Skills Academy sessions are class based, so you can sign up for just one or all. In theory you can stay in the gym from 10:30am-3:30pm if you wanted to be playing lots of volleyball! We will have all the age groups together as they will all be playing on the same height net and using the same size ball (13s-18s girls only). We will separate each court to make it level appropriate (no prior experience required). For the gradating 18s, it is okay if you want to participate in these as well to gear up for college. 



  • Serving and Passing
  • Digging and Setting
  • Attacking and Blocking

Club Prep Series (13U-18U)

July 10th-12th, 2022

This club preparation series is for 13s-18s student-athletes who are interested in playing on the club teams at VVA. We will provide a space to play and compete! The VVA coaches will be there to coach and facilitate some high-level competition as we get ready for tryouts the following week. This is the perfect way to tune up for club tryouts.

Club Prep Series (5th-8th grade):


The Club Prep Series is for 5th-8th grade players with previous experience who are seeking ways to play more. Training sessions are highly recommended as a way to prepare for club tryouts on October 16th. These sessions will teach fundamental skills, give maximum opportunities for repetitions, all while having fun playing the game! This introduction to club volleyball is the perfect opportunity to see if your child is interested in the full commitment of being on a club volleyball team.

Small-Group Lessons

These are skill specific individualized training programs. College programs regularly train in groups of 4 or less in order to learn in a game-like environment. Additionally, we know that learning in sport is best when practicing with more than one person so that there can be additional visual cues, added motivation to get something accomplished, and time to process before moving to the next activity. These sessions will allow athletes of all levels to learn specific skills to advance their games. The player will describe to the coach what they are looking to work on and the coach will create an environment and provide feedback so that the athlete can learn and practice the skills they are motivated to improve on.

Private Lessons

If you are interested in private lessons, we have a few current VVA coaches who are looking to help improve the players in our program through creating an individualized training program to fit the needs of each player. Please contact the following coaches to set up your private lesson.