About Us

Why can’t volleyball be competing at the top nationally in our community as we do in other sports?

The Valley consistently produces high level athletes in basketball, football, softball, baseball, and various other sports. Volleyball is the most popular girls' team sport in America and rapidly growing in boys volleyball. Can we organize volleyball better to serve every student-athlete in our community?

These questions and conversations have been going on for well over a decade in the Central Valley. We believe now is the time for change. After COVID-19, we want to see volleyball in the community come out in a better spot than when we started. We strive to run a club that provides all athletes the opportunity they are looking for as well as a route to play high quality volleyball for everyone. Through conversations, observations, and connections a group of community leaders, led by owner Jonathan Winder, came together to form Valley Volleyball Academy.

Jonathan was an NCAA National Champion, All-American, National Player of the Year at Pepperdine University, and member of the US Men’s National Team. Then switching into coaching, he coached with legendary coach, Marv Dunphy, at Pepperdine before transitioning into the women’s game at the University of Washington. At the University of Washington, he coached the indoor and beach volleyball teams. He has coached multiple All-Americans, dozens of all-conference players, and built NCAA Final Four teams. Currently, he is the head coach for the Fresno State women’s volleyball team.

We have national champions, all-americans, college coaches, high school coaches, conference champions, and current college volleyball players as part of our staff. All are committed to improving the level of play in our sport in our community. We are stewards of the personalities and talents of the young people in our great Valley. We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing athletes and young people at every stage in life through the sport of volleyball.