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The Valley Volleyball Academy’s (VVA) mission is to provide the environment and education for valley student athletes to achieve excellence on and off the volleyball court. Athletes from beginning to advanced will be able to achieve their max potential in an enjoyable and challenging environment through sound technical principles (based on extensive research), a value driven culture, and quality coaching.


Here we go! We are thrilled to bring the Central Valley’s best players together to explore our max potential. Be ready to play hard, compete, and do the best you can as we form teams to represent our Valley.


Long-term development of the sport in our area will dramatically shift over the next decade. By focusing on the early exposure of the sport, delaying specialization, and fostering a fun and dynamic environment to explore the game, we will be able to improve the quality of volleyball in our community. Come check out these programs for boys and girls from K-12th grade.

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CA Teams

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West Coast Teams

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National Teams

Valley Volleyball Academy

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Coach’s Note

June 2, 2021

This is a long-term project for the good of the Valley. It’s putting the young people of the Valley ahead of any school affiliations, club affiliations, or past histories.


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